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Medical Aesthetics Center


Medical Aesthetics are all aesthetic applications apart from surgery. Compared with surgical procedures; short duration of the transaction, does not require anesthesia, no recovery process, immediately return to daily life are the most important advantages. With new techniques, it’s easy and safe to get rid of unwanted hairs, wrinkles, cellulite, deep wrinkles and blemishes.



Laser is a light energy. It burns hair roots without damaging around. It get weaken hair roots and prevents regrowth. In our center, high technology laser products is used for getting rid of unwanted hair.  Sessions are determined by the parts of body after the examination.



Chemical peeling is a body treatment technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin, often-facial skin, using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin to slough off and eventually peel off. With this implementation rude and rough top layer disappears. Because of stimulation of cell renewal, the skin doesn't get thinner. With this method, fine wrinkles are reduced; formation of new wrinkles is prevented. This is an effective treatment against the skin blemishes due to due to various reasons such as sun, pregnancy or aging.



Botulinum toxine is a popular treatment method against the dynamic facial wrinkles. It’s is a treatment which does not require recovery time, effective and safe. The effect of the treatment starts after about 2-4 days, lasts up to 4 – 6 months.



Mesotherapy employs multiple injections of various drugs into subcutaneous. The average interval of 7-10 days 10-15 sessions is applied. It’s a final and permanent solution to cellulite. 

- Final and permanent solution to cellulite. 
- It allows local slimming the desired location.
- Lose weight without losing muscle
- Loose and droopy places are recovery.
- It stops hair loss and hair becomes thicker and more vivid.
- Employs multiple injections of rejuvenating agents, vitamins, and antioxidant into subcutaneous fat.


Application area for esthetics

- Cellulite treatment
- Body contour corrections and local slimming
- Increase the elasticity of the sagging skin
- Speed up the healing process and eliminate irregularities after liposuction
- Smoothing scars and eliminate irregularities after other operations


Therapeutic Uses

- Sports injuries
- physiotherapy (fibrositis, tendinitis, lombalgia, neck pain…)
- Scars after trauma and ambustion
- Edema after surgery and trauma
- Lymphoedema treatment