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About Us

Bahat Health Group continues to provide a high quality healthcare service to people who live in İstanbul, with Sultangazi Bahat Hospital, İkitelli Batı Bahat Hospital, 500 Evler Bahat Public Hospital and G.O.Paşa Hospital (shareholding of Bahat Health Group) since with the journey that started in 1994 as the first ring of the chain as a small 300 m2 district clinic.  Bahat Health Group takes part as one of the most important medical centres in İstanbul with its high technological investments.  The criteria that continue to direct us in the journey we have are satisfaction of patients and their relatives, quality and continues development, high performance, honesty and ethical approach, dignify the personnel, teamwork and cooperation. Bahat Health Group aims to be one of the medical institutions that shown as a reference in  the world and to construct a model in Turkey with its level of excellence of medical service in line with its institutional value, the consistency to ensure the customer satisfaction, its high qualified team and its leading implementations. We will always try to achieve the best and the most right things with the effort of making the service quality highest. We will continue to entertain you with our friendliness.