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Attendant Policy

Rules for Visitors

- For keeping hospital’s order, visitors are not accepted beyond determined visiting hours. Thanks for your understanding.
- Please do not bring children for a visit.
- Visitors may bring books and magazines to the patients. 
- Please do not bring any food or drink.
- Smoking is strictly forbidden.
- Do not sit on the patient bed. 
- Please keep your visit time short.
- It is forbidden to litter
- Please follow employees’ instructions. 
- Please write and slip your comments about our positive and negative sides in  “Wishes and Complaints” boxes or contact with Patient Rights Unit.
- Please behave considering that you will may stay as a patient in the same hospital one day. 
-  Thank you for following the hospital rules. 
Note: Visiting hours 10 a.m. –10 p.m.  

Rules for Attendants

-Patient’s physician decides the necessity of attendant.